Terms and conditions

  1. We reserve the right to terminate/suspend your account if any offensive/phishing/plagiarized content is found.
  2. We strive to keep website performance at its best, however if any service we provide experiences downtime due to technical issues, we are not liable for any loss of revenue during this period.
  3. We reserve the right to change/revoke/limit features of the service at any point.

Privacy policy

The information we collect about you

We collect and store only the information that you specifically enter into the BlockModels.com website, apart from your IP address which is automatically logged.

How we use your data

We only use your personal information to enable you to use the services that BlockModels.com offers. We do not use your email address for spam purposes, and we will only contact you when an important notification from us is required.


BlockModels.com only stores cookie data that is essentially required for site operation, such as login data.

Protecting your data

All personal information stored on BlockModels.com's servers is encrypted, and the data has restricted access only to staff members for administration purposes and improvements to our service.

Disclosing your data

Your personal information is never disclosed to the outer public, and is only viewable by our staff. We never disclose or sell your personal information to third party companies, however the staff of BlockModels.com may request to view your account data under circumstances that we feel appropriate.

The information on this page was last updated on the 20th of March, 2017.